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Riviera Filipina, Inc. is a progressive and fast moving company engaged in trading and manufacturing of world-class and concrete roofing tiles, wall bricks and floor paving system.

For over 20 years now, Riviera Filipina, Inc. achieved paramount height in market acceptability, acclaimed for its excellence and dependability, combined with guaranteed steadfast service. Total customer satisfaction is the main thrust of the business, and we continually keep those customers satisfied. We strongly believe in the objective of offering:

Quality Product

Customer Service

Commitment to Excellence

To maintain this high-standard, we have highly capable, energetic and innovative associates throughout the organization, who work together as a team, share common objectives and with the management that generates enthusiasm at all levels.

Our associates are trained and committed to excellence in quality, consistency of performance, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To become the number one provider of world-class roofing materials and services, wall bricks and floor paving system nationwide, and to establish the potential of the export market.

Our Commitment

Riviera Filipina, Inc. has triumphed over numerous obstacles and earned recognition for the advanced manufacturing technology, product quality and enviable service to its growing clientele. The thrust of RFI is to implement the 3 pillars of its corporate philosophy: (1) exceed client expectation, (2) commitment to excellence and (3) reliability of performance.

Today, Riviera Filipina, Inc. continues to make ravers all over the country with its responsive management, leadership, aggressive investment in acquiring advanced technology and application of modern sales & marketing strategies. RFI's strengths lie manly in its people with bold vision and its organization structure that encourages innovative and creative thinking.

Towards Greater Heights

Every challenge is a stepping stone towards greater heights. Armed with this principle, Riviera Filipina, Inc. is all set to plunge into a major expansion. Its history provides a proud example of consummates Filipino entrepreneurship. From its humble beginning as a small trading firm of clay and concrete roofing tiles in 1979, Riviera Filipina, Inc. has now become the market leader. The bold and aggressive market penetration and share expansion activities made it necessary for the construction of a 5-storey building as its main headquarters.

Our Product Lines

Riviera Filipina, Inc. prides itself in its pursuits for customer services and satisfaction. It is in this belief that drives the company in its improvement programs to provide quality product and services. The company, likewise, prides itself in being the �one-stop-shop� of world-class roofing tiles, wall bricks and floor pavers. The wide of our products include:

Roofing Systems

  • Locally Manufactured:
  • Hispanica Concrete Roof Tiles
  • Mediterranean Concrete Roof Tiles
  • Zen Flat Roofing Tiles
  • Tejas Borja (Spain)
  • TB Quattro Spanish Clay Tiles
  • TB 10 Spanish Clay Tiles
  • TB 12 Spanish Clay Tiles
  • TB-Flat
  • TB 11 Spanish Clay Tiles
  • Centenaria Clay Tiles
  • Curved Clay Tiles
  • Kanmuri (Indonesia)
  • Milenio
  • Espanica
  • Maxi Shake
  • Wood Shake
  • IKO Shingles (Canada)
  • Marathon 20 years
  • Cambridge 30 years AR
  • Wall Bricks System
  • Claybricks
  • Floor Paving System
  • Claybricks
  • VIN Concrete Pavers
  • Metal Stone-Coated Roofing
  • MARUSUGI (Japan)
  • Eagle Flat Roof Tiles
  • Eagle Lock Roof Tiles

Our Installation Commitment

Part of our services to our client is the way we apply Project management skills to our roof tiles installation supervisor (in coordination with the Sales Manager/Sales Executive) assume responsibility for all our on-site activities and for coordination of site requirements (labor, materials, etc.).

Our personnel in the installation and Sales Department are experienced in all aspects of our works- from actual measurements, supply requirements, installation and maintenance. They will be the main contain points of our client within our organization from the awarding of the contract to the project's completion. Our objective is to gain total customer satisfaction through focus on time, resources and quality aspects of the projects.

For continues update on every projects site's activities and developments, our installation and site supervisors are equipped with modern communication equipment that transmit messages and updates instantaneously to every department of Riviera Filipina, Inc. head office. This ensures the smooth flow of on-site operation. Ina addition, inquiries, updates and developments can easily be addressed upon by the building and construction management as well as the homeowners.

Our Roof Tiles and Manufacturing Capabilities

Riviera Filipina, Inc. opened up a manufacturing facility in Sta. Maria, Bulacan in 1996 for its locally-produced concrete roof tiles. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility adapted machine pressing technology from Japan and is divided into three main section-Cement Forming Section, Painting Section and the Drying /Curing Section- a process that guarantees precisions, strength and durability for every tile.

The trademark of Riviera Filipina, Inc. made it a landmark in the country's top-level villages and subdivisions �Ayala Alabang Vllages, Forbes & Dasmarinas Village, Punta Fuego in Batangas, Westgroove Heights, to name a few.

Our Warehouse and Dispatching

With a world-class production facility in place and a pool of experienced and well-trained personnel, bright future projections await Riviera Filipina, Inc.

Being a market leader for more than 20 years now and growing demands for RFI products, the company expanded its warehousing and dispatching division to more than 7,000 square meters and acquired delivery vehicles to cope up delivery requirements.

Sic-wheeled, ten-wheeled and canter trucks are transporting the Riviera Filipina products to various parts of the metropolis and the entire country.

Our Sales Networks

Riviera Filipina's successful tradition is built around an innovative leader, aggressive market penetration and share expansion activities over the years.

While others are still finding their way into the local market, Riviera Filipina has already expanded its operation down South by putting up Satellites Offices in two of the country's booming metropolis � Cebu and Davao City . Add to that the numerous dealers nationwide who have tied up with us to represent our products in their respective localities.

In addition to its 2 provincial sales offices, are 2 sales offices strategically-located in Cubao (along EDSA) and the MC Home Depot at The Fort Global City.

Next year, headquarter and showroom will raise its curtains as the company's permanent home. The 5-storey facility will be sprawled in a 750 sq.meter lot also in Timog Avenue , Quezon City . It will consist of a sales office and a stockyard sufficient to customer's needs and requirements.

The company continues to make raves all over the country with each responsive management, innovative leadership and innovative products. Riviera Filipina, Inc. is certainly innovating but its philosophy does not and will not alter; offering Clay and Concrete Roofing Tiles, Wall-Bricks and Paving Systems with the best qualities and services on a market.